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Treading on thin ice...
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A little thought
In Mental health in my 20s
Bleeding on people who didn't cut you
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I think I'm doing dating apps wrong
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Thoughts in my 20s
Dec 15, 2021
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Losing touch with childhood friends
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Thoughts in my 20s
Feb 15, 2021
Context was completely necessary so here’s the backstory to what I’m about to say - In a very similar fashion, my best friend from First year of uni was someone who went to the same high school as me we are both from the same small island that was 14 hours away by flight. We did everything together we lived in the same halls we would have lunch together every day we would study together and only when we went to bed were we ever really apart. A lot of our friends thought we were dating, because what straight boy and girl could be best friends right? Well we could, and since then I have not really found a male best friend who I spent day in and day out with in the same way, until very recently. We fell out in second year after year he was consistently dating this girl who was extremely toxic for a cat I tried to help him time and time again but sometimes you just can’t get through to that. We decided that it was too hard to be friends one because I couldn’t deal with having my friend be upset all of the time and to because he couldn’t deal with a friend who hated his girlfriend and a girl friend who hated his best friend and every day I think about the friendship I lost. And yet I don’t reach out. We are now in really different stages of our lives - he is still in university while I have gone onto working and even though I really miss the kind of friendship that we had because I cannot find it anywhere else (the kind of looks we used to give each other and instantly understand what we were thinking; the kind of banter that we would have; the kind of support that we would give each other), there is always something holding me back. So yes, I think it is completely normal to mourn a friendship that you don’t try to get back. I think it is similar to having an ex that you might still deep, deep, deep down care for yet know is completely wrong for you. Friendship is a two way street and as much as I wish we could just force people into caring about us as much as we care about them, I hope that we can learn to value ourselves as much as we value their friendship.
Anyone else paid a full blown tuition just to end up sitting on your couch and binge-watching every single show on Netflix?
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Thoughts in my 20s

Thoughts in my 20s

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