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Feb 04, 2021
In I'm a woman in my 20s
Basically, have you ever found yourself to be the nurturer? Are you ever the 'caring friend' or the 'therapist friend', and have you often been that ESPECIALLY to guys (even if it isn't always)? You've always solved things for people: you listen to their problems, give advice, stay on long calls with them or that they depend on you, subconsciously or not, to be comforted? Do you find yourself desperately calling them to see if they're okay because you're the only one they've told about their problem and they're in serious danger? They may use you as a dumping ground for their trauma and their worries and while you love helping those you care about there's a serious unbalance. And have you ever thought maybe this is how women are expected to be the caring, nurturing role while men suppress their feelings because they aren't 'acceptable' but then dump it all on you because they've found their desperately needed outlet they can't find anywhere else? Yeah bc I do
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