Taking the big 20 (being 2020) out of the picture for just a sec, our 20s are already the most convoluted, messy, trying times of our lives. At least I hope so because if it gets weirder than this, I really don't know what's coming.

Cutting to the chase because I tend to ramble, it's my humble little hypothesis that we're all experiencing similar feelings at different times. At one point or another, we all question our purpose and whether we're the toxic ones; feel emotions that we've never dealt with before and if we have, never as strongly as we feel them now; are learning to take responsibility for our mistakes, realising our parents aren't the superheroes we've made them out to be; and who knows, one or two of us could even be doing those reflecting and growing things?

Until someone experiences something remotely close to what you've gone through, though, it's so hard to relate. I'm incredibly guilty for handling situations with my friends horribly because I just couldn't understand what they were feeling and why they were feeling that way. But it's kinda my hope that someone else will. Hence - this.

Maybe it's a space to toss out the B-roll from your phone; dabble in conversations about not wanting to sell out to corporate but wanting to be financially stable; give and get some advice; get heard and maybe even, feel understood.

Toss 2020 on top of that and we've got a little mama drama but also, an incredibly timed, very coincidental name that I hope will bring some solace.

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